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When: Wednesday 30th July 6pm


Where: Jean Armour Statue, Brooms Road, Dumfries


What: Local Yes activists and Women for Independence gather and the Jean Armour statue to mark 50 days until the Independence Referendum and highlight the benefits of an Independent Scotland for women.


Who: Local activists from Yes Dumfries and Women for Independence


Media Collateral: Interview opportunities are available with local Yes Dumfries and Women for Independence activists. 


Contact:  Kerry Willacy 07894 642284


Local Dumfries activists campaigning for a Yes vote in the Independence referendum this September will tonight meet to mark 50 days until the vote and highlight the benefits of Independence.


Activists from local group Yes Dumfries and Women for Independence will gather at the Jean Armour statue before heading to The Globe Inn to discuss plans for the remainder of the campaign.


Today’s milestone comes as 50 Yes-supporting mums from across Scotland have signed an open letter outlining why Scotland must back Independence.


They are calling for a Yes vote to create a fairer and better society and for fellow mums to back the full powers only offered with Independence.


Recent Academic research published by the Future of Scotland and the UK project shows that more people believe gender equality and childcare provision would improve in an independent Scotland.


Local Yes activist Kerry Willacy said:


“This research shows that women across Scotland are increasingly recognising what can be achieved when it comes to promoting equality with a Yes vote in September.


“Women and children are being hardest hit by the UK’s declining living standards, low pay and benefit cuts, and we are calling for a Yes vote to create a fairer and better society.


“With Independence we can use a full range of powers to benefit women, focussing on provision of free childcare, raising the minimum wage, equalities issues, pensions, benefits and economic opportunities.


Mrs Willacy added:


“As a mum I want to be able to tell my children that I voted for a better and fairer society and believe a Yes vote in September offers amazing opportunities to build the kind of country I want them to live in.


“On September 18th we are faced with two choices for Scotland’s future. One is the continued uncertainty that will come with increased Westminster cuts, cuts that would see Scotland’s budget slashed and our valued public services seriously


“The other path is with a Yes vote that will safeguard the gains of the Scottish Parliament such as free personal care and the ending of prescription charges. We can also protect our NHS in a written constitution, declaring that it remains free and that our welfare system remains intact to support our most vulnerable.”