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Local Generation Yes campaigners will take their positive vision for Scotland’s future to the country’s largest free music festival this weekend.


Young activists from across Dumfriesshire will host an information stall at Youth Beatz on Saturday and are inviting all of those attending who will be able to vote on the 18th of September to come and chat with them about the opportunities independence can bring.


Commenting, local Generation Yes representative Ruth Callander said:


“Young people have grown up with Holyrood – that’s what they’re used to – and they can see that the Scottish Parliament will always make the best decisions for Scotland.

“Independence is what we all want in life.  How many young people want to stay with their parents for the rest of their lives?  No one would be happy handing over their wages and getting a set amount back.  All of us aspire to own our own house, to keep all our wages and to make our own future.

“Young people have the opportunity to reject Westminster’s inequality, illegal wars and nuclear weapons, and become the generation that creates a fairer country, by making our own future.”


She added:


“I would encourage anyone who is undecided to come along and have a chat with us on Saturday.  The stall will be there between 12 and 5 and will have a host of information for you to take away.”