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Joan McAlpine MSP will tomorrow (Tuesday) visit the First Base Agency in Dumfries to help volunteers and see first-hand the lifeline of support the organisation provides to the local community.

Joan will be on hand to serve food parcels and meet with those involved in emergency food provision in Dumfries.

Ms McAlpine commented:

“One of the most depressing trends over the last few years has been the huge rise of food poverty in our country. There is no doubt that food bank use is directly linked to the appalling welfare reforms and benefit cuts being imposed on us by Westminster.

“The only upside to this is seeing communities come together, gathering and distributing food for those in need. The Scottish Government is trying hard to support these people and organisations through initiatives such as the Emergency Food Fund. 

“First Base in Dumfries are doing a fantastic job and I will continue to support the organisation in any way I can. Of course, It is disgraceful that the UK is so unequal that people across the country are forced to use food banks.  

“Only an independent Scotland will have the full powers we need to protect people from poverty and help them fulfil their potential in work and life.”