Pulling Scotland out of Europe against our will “an affront to democracy” says MSP

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Commenting on the result of the UK’s EU Referendum, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said:


“Scotland voted strongly to remain part of the European Union and we now risk being pulled out against our will. That is an affront to democracy.


“It is particularly insulting to those who voted No in the independence referendum because they were told that was the only way to guarantee Scotland remained in the EU, and our people retained European Citizenship. 


“I am proud of the way Scotland voted yesterday. We rejected the fearful, narrow nationalism that characterised the leave campaign. The SNP by contrast represents an outward looking, self-determination movement which is internationalist.”


There was a decisive result in Dumfries and Galloway with 53% of the region’s voters backing Remain.


Ms McAlpine said:


“Dumfries and Galloway voted decisively with the rest of Scotland to remain and for good reason. This region benefits from millions of regional development funding for everything from infrastructure to college courses. One in three farmers depend on EU support.  The National Farmers’ Union of Scotland has pointed out that every £1 of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) grant puts £4 back into the rural economy.


“What will replace this money if we are pulled out of Europe? I am glad that the First Minister has said she will work tirelessly to stop that happening, including speaking to other European member nations this weekend about Scotland’s position.  However, we need to prepare legislation for a second independence referendum if that is necessary.”