Ferguson calls for Council study on effects of Brexit for D&G

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Leader of the SNP Group on Dumfries & Galloway Council Andy Ferguson has written to the Council’s Chief Executive to request that work starts immediately to assess the possible implications for Dumfries & Galloway of the UK leaving the European Union.
Cllr. Ferguson commented:
“We are now in uncharted territory, and I warmly welcome the First Minister’s determination to find a way of allowing Scotland to remain in the European Union. There is much, however, that we cannot know about the potential way forward now and the impacts that both a period of extended economic uncertainty and an eventual Brexit which includes Scotland may have on our region.
“This being the case, we must now assemble as much information as we can in order to make educated and reasonable estimates of the likely impact Brexit may have on Dumfries & Galloway; on its economy, its environment and vital issues such as inward investment, social protection and EU funding programmes.
“Although the vote has taken place, Brexit as an event is clearly still some way off. In fact no-one is sure when, or in what form, it will actually take place. So we do have time in which to work, so that we can ensure we are fully prepared to argue Dumfries & Galloway’s case under any circumstances. It is our view, as SNP Councillors, that this process of researching and assembling information must start now.”