McLeod welcomes Scottish Gvoernment funding for Citizens’ Advice

McLeod welcomes Scottish Government funding for Citizens’ Advice
SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod today (Thursday) welcomed the announcement of £5.4 million in additional funding for Citizens’ Advice Scotland (CAS) to address the significant pressures the organisation is facing due to the introductions of Westminster’s Welfare Reforms.
Dr McLeod commented:

“I warmly welcome the Scottish Government’s funding announcement and I am well aware that locally and across the country our Citizens’ Advice Bureaux are being overwhelmed with people looking for advice and support as a result of welfare reform.
“That is an extremely welcome step and reflects the SNP’s serious concerns about the pace, scale and impact of Westminster’s benefits changes.
“This highlights the difference in approach between the Scottish and UK governments – while Westminster cuts, Scotland steps in to help. 

“This £5.4million fund will help front-line staff who on a daily basis see how lives are being damaged by the consequences from Westminster’s welfare reform changes. 

“The SNP is doing all it can to limit the impact of Tory-LibDem cuts that are hurting vulnerable groups, women and working families. 

“It is clear the only way to defend the Welfare State is to vote Yes in 2014 and protect it against Westminster politicians who become increasingly out of touch with the values and needs of the people of Scotland more and more every day.”