McLeod welcomes £1 million extra funding for A&E Consultants

McLeod welcomes £1million extra funding for A&E consultants
SNP MSP and member of the Scottish Parliament’s Health Committee Dr Aileen McLeod today (Thursday) welcomed the announcement of £1 million in additional funding from the Scottish Government for A&E Consultants.
Dr McLeod commented:
“NHS Boards plan well in advance for winter – in fact NHS Dumfries & Galloway’s plans were so well developed the Board did not feel that they needed to bid for additional winter funding this year.
“It is definitely the case, however, that we are seeing more people than ever before coming to hospital as emergency admissions due to the increase in the ageing population. So it makes sense for the Scottish Government and the NHS to look at how they can do things better.
“The faster a patient is seen by a senior consultant the fewer delays they experience during their stay in hospital. Recent audits show that, with improvements in the access to decision making and community support, up to 25 per cent of patients could spend less time in hospital.
“So investing additional money to increase the number of A&E consultants is definitely the right thing to do.”