McAlpine raises region’s roads in Parliament

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MSP Joan McAlpine today raised the region’s roads in Parliament in an exchange with the Transport Minister.


The South Scotland MSP asked Humza Yousaf when he will know which road improvements are to be included in the Strategic Transport Projects review (STPR) – a document that will outline the government’s transport priorities over the next 20 years.


Ms McAlpine has called for it to include improvements to the A75, A76 and better links between Dumfries and the M74.


Mr Yousaf outlined that the review is progressing on schedule, and that the government has been looking closely at the A75 and the A77 in the region.  The Minister also said he would be keen to meet with Ms McAlpine in order to hear her views.


Commenting, Ms McAlpine said:


“I welcome the fact that the SNP government last year committed to improve the A75, A76 as well as links between Dumfries and the A74, having advocated for these improvements in my submission to the National Transport Strategy.


“I was pleased that the Minister mentioned the importance of the A75 corridor in the south west, as well as recognising the importance of rail links in the region – and I am particularly pleased he has agreed to meet with me.”


Joan has been working closely with local groups – such as the A75 action group – to push for improvements to the region’s roads.


Following last year’s Transport Summit in Dumfries, the MSP has continued to push the case for improvements to local transport, including raising the issue in Parliament, and submitting to the Scottish Government’s National Transport Strategy review. 


The NTS will help inform which projects will be included in the STPR.


The full exchange will be available here when the Official Report is uploaded.