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Only a day after claiming that Labour represented the Facebook Generation and that they rejected the SNP, a series of schools elections in Aberdeenshire have humiliated him with the SNP winning 4 out of 7 secondary school elections and Labour only winning one.

Commenting on the result the Scottish Parliaments youngest MSP, Aileen Campbell, said:

This is an embarrassing blunder for Jim Murphy an epic fail. Perhaps the young people of Aberdeenshire dont like their votes taken for granted by the Labour party.

These results show Labour are out of touch with Scotland and in particular, Scotlands youth. Since when did the Facebook Generation support the illegal war in Iraq? Or ID cards? Or Trident?

If anything, Labour are running scared of the Facebook Generation, scared that they may have enough belief in Scotland to support independence.

“It is the SNP which trusts Scotland’s young people to have their say – that’s why we’ve consistently supported giving the vote to 16 and 17 year olds.

It is the SNP which is introducing record apprenticeships, more college places andmore investment in youth-services. It is the SNP who care about young people, and it is only with SNP MPs that we can block cuts to the services young people cherish.

The SNP Westminster candidate for Banff & Buchan Eilidh Whiteford a former President of the SNP student wing – welcomed the local results of the local school elections and said:

“This was a fantastic result for the SNP and shows who young people will vote for with real votes and not phoney Labour claims.

School elections are fantastic fun for those involved and they also get across the serious message that voting is very important

“I offer my warm congratulations to all those who won and would encourage anyone over 18 to check that they are indeed registered to vote.”

Richard Laird of the Federation of Student Nationalists said Labours relationship with students plays a key part in young people rejecting Labour. He said:

There is absolutely no evidence that the Labour Party has support from the so-called ‘Facebook Generation’. In fact, its failures have turned students away from politics.

The comparison between the SNP Government and the London Labour government could not be starker. The SNP has shown consistent support for students with an extra 40 million for universities and the pledge to not introduce tuition fees.

Jim Murphy, for all his rhetoric, could not be more wrong over who is actually on the side of the Facebook Generation. Only the SNP has the integrity, ambition and vision to help Scots to realise their full potential.


1. Results of the Aberdeenshire schools elections can be read here:


2. Contrary to Jim Murphys claims the latest MORI poll published on Monday 1st March shows the SNP polling 32% to Labour’s 34% and puts the SNP ahead by 37% to Labour’s 35% amongst 18-24 year olds and leading by 34% to 24%