labour fuel duty tax hikeMichael Russell, MSP South of Scotland has today condemned Chancellor Alistair Darling decision to continue with the 3p tax hike in fuel duty.

    In the budget today he announced a 1% increase from April 1st, another 1% in October and a further 1% on 1st of January 2011.  The fuel duty escalator means that in addition fuel prices will rise by 1p above inflation between 2011 and 2014.

    “This is just smoke and mirrors from the Labour Chancellor, he has tried to disguise the hike by staggering the increase, but between now and next year fuel duty will still increase by 3p.

    “Members of the public are not that gullible, they will know the price of a Labour government every time they go to a fuel pump.

    Mr Russell continued:

    “Every rise in fuel duty also impacts on hauliers.  The people who transport almost every good in our shops have had their costs increased again by the UK Government.

    “That extra pressure on their businesses could mean price rises for us in the shopping aisles.

    “At this time we need policies in a budget that support families and businesses, not punishing them.”