South Scotland SNP MSP Emma Harper has hit out at conservative cronyism over David Cameron’s failure to deny using a Greensill company jet for private family holidays.

The former Prime Minister has failed to deny allegations made in the Greensill scandal during questioning in the Treasury and Public Account committee.

The scandal is the latest example of conservative cronyism following COVID contracts for friends and relatives, donations for decorating and texts for tax breaks.

Ms Harper commented;

“I’m sure many of my constituents would like a private jet to fly about in for a family holiday – to be honest many would be happy with just a holiday. My constituents are reeling from job losses, closures and here we have families unable to feed themselves. I represent some of the most deprived areas in Scotland and it’s absolutely sickening that it’s seemingly okay for conservative politicians to casually text each other for favours whilst residents here in Dumfries & Galloway struggle to get basic welfare.

“The sense of entitlement of these politicians is bewildering and the conservative party is stumbling from one scandal to the next – with this latest one around Greensill Capital and access to government departments for those with links to the Tory party.

“This hammers home that the Westminster system is broken and isn’t working for Scotland and the need for Scotland to work independently from this nonsense.”