Why vote SNP this May? Here’s what Labour have in store for Scotland:

Vote SNP on May 4th• Labour will likely form a coalition with the Tories and LibDems to impose their Calman proposals upon Scotland, which are designed to drastically cut Scotland’s block grant from Westminster by billions of pounds, and force Scotland to impose the same cuts as have been imposed in England e.g. privatization of the NHS.

• Labour will end the SNP’s 4 year Council tax freeze and councils will again be allowed unrestricted powers to raise their council tax charges as proposed by Labour’s Iain Gray and the Labour leader of Glasgow Council;

• Labour will sell off the state owned Scottish Water utility and Scotland’s state owned forests to their business and banking financial supporters and Scotland’s water charges to customers will increase dramatically as a result;

• Labour will introduce Students fees for Scots students as Labour have done in England – with the potential of fees being up to £9,000 per annum as in England;

• Labour will give the go-ahead for new nuclear power stations to be built in Scotland and cut back drastically on Scotland’s renewable energy projects as a consequence;

• Labour will reduce the number of “bobbies on the beat” by more than the 1000 in number the SNP increased them by;

• Labour will waste billions of Scots taxpayers money by giving the go-ahead to the Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport Air Links and provide unlimited funds to complete Edinburgh’s tram line with unproven benefits to Scotland just as they did for the Millenium Dome and ID cards;

• Labour’s First minister in Scotland will not be empowered to make any decisions without clearing them first with Labour’s Westminster leader;

The only way to stop Labour from doing this is to use your vote to re-elect an SNP government again for Scotland in May 2011.