Transport minister to meet Langholm Campaigners for reopening Langholm Station

Michael Matheson MSP agreed to meet the Langholm station action group after being contacted by South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine.

Ms. McAlpine, an SNP MSP, said:

“I have taken a keen interest in the campaign and was delighted when a previous transport minister a couple of years ago agreed at my suggestion to include Langholm in a feasibility study about extending the Borders railway to Carlisle.

“Since then, the need for Langholm to get a connectivity boost is even greater given the move of Edinburgh Woollen Mill to Carlisle and other closures.

“But Langholm also has many historic attractions and the emergence of new small businesses which could really be boosted with a future rail link.

“At my recent surgery in Langholm I was visited by Andrew Scott of the railway action group and agreed to write to the Cabinet Secretary to once again push Langholm’s case.

“We know there is still competition from Newcastleton, but Langholm has a very strong case in terms of its size, the technical feasibility of running the line to the town, and economic opportunities.

“Also, any future extension of the Borders railway to Carlisle which didn’t include Langholm would be likely to bypass Dumfries and Galloway altogether, which would be wrong given that we are setting up an economic agency to boost the economy of the entire south of Scotland.

“I made this point to the leaders of Dumfries and Galloway council shortly after meeting with Mr. Scott and I got very positive replies from Cllr. Elaine Murray and Cllr. Rob Davidson.”

A date is currently being arrange for the meeting which will take place in the Scottish Parliament