Tories out of touch with Scotland

Commenting on David Cameron’s conference speech, SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson MP said that by attempting to resuscitate Gordon Brown’s Britishness agenda the Tory leader had shown he did not understand Scotland.

Mr Robertson said:

“The Tories have never understood Scotland, and David Cameron’s speech has just confirmed how out of touch they actually are.  

“While people in Scotland are looking for serious action on jobs and economic recovery David Cameron was wittering on about ideas of Britishness. His speech was all but irrelevant to people in Scotland, and clearly shows why the conservatives are going nowhere north of the border. 

“The fact is that David Cameron’s ‘respect agenda’ collapsed at the first hurdle with his refusal to debate with the SNP. He talks about respect, but in the same breath refuses to debate the issues that matter to Scotland in a leaders’ debate with Alex Salmond. 

“It would be grossly unfair for a Scottish audience to see their main party, the party of Government – and a party with 7-times the Scottish representation at Westminster than the Tories – excluded from a TV leaders’ debate at the Westminster election.  On what possible democratic basis does David Cameron arrive at this typically Tory high-handed attitude? 

“The SNP have made clear we are prepared to be extremely flexible.  But all parties must accept the right of the SNP to be part of debates broadcast in Scotland, and the broadcasters must accept their obligations for fairness. 

“David Cameron’s claims have been exposed for all to see by his refusal to debate with Alex Salmond.  If he wishes to show real respect to Scotland, he should agree to a leaders’ debate that represents the real politics of Scotland.”