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SNP MSPs Aileen McLeod & Joan McAlpine are today (Monday) welcoming the selection of Stranraer man Richard Arkless as the SNP candidate for Dumfries & Galloway for the General Election – and have said that the election offers a chance for local people to reject the austerity and cuts agenda of the Westminster parties and to vote to secure the ‘extensive’ powers Scotland was promised in the Vow.

With Labour offering nothing more than a continuation of the Tories’ austerity plans – and each of the Westminster parties watering down their promise of ‘extensive’ new powers for Scotland – it is more important than ever that local people elect an SNP MP who will make sure Scotland’s priorities are heard at Westminster.

Commenting, Joan McAlpine said:

“Richard Arkless is an outstanding candidate who will work tirelessly over the next few months to bring the SNP’s positive message to the people of Dumfries & Galloway – and I’m looking forward to working with him as part of a strong, local SNP team.

“Labour have let our area down for too long. The people of Dumfries &Galloway deserve an MP who’ll always put the interests of Scotland first – rather than a Labour MP who has been joined at the hip with the Tories and supports a further £30bn of welfare cuts.”

Aileen McLeod added:

“I’m confident that Richard Arkless will always stand up for local people – and will make sure Dumfries & Galloway’s voice is heard at Westminster like never before. 

“Richard is rooted in this region and understands what Dumfries & Galloway needs to thrive and prosper. His experience in running his own business and his commitment to fairness and supporting our most vulnerable people will stand him in good stead for the campaign.”

SNP candidate Richard Arkless added: 

“I am absolutely delighted that local members have put their trust in me to be the SNP’s candidate in May – and I’m looking forward to taking the SNP’s positive message to the people of Dumfries & Galloway.

“Local Labour MP Russell Brown was elected by the people of our constituency to stand up to the Tories – instead he has shamefully spent the last 2 years working shoulder to shoulder with them.

“People in Dumfries & Galloway deserve an MP who’ll always stand up for their interests – and who’ll never vote to continue the economic failure of Tory austerity like Labour MPs did just a few weeks ago.

“If I’m elected in May I will always stand up for local people – and will fight tooth and nail against austerity, unfair Westminster policies like the Bedroom Tax and the moral and economic obscenity of spending £100bn on Trident renewal.”

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“While the Westminster parties want to make this election all about them, the SNP will make sure that Scotland’s interests are promoted at every turn. 

“With Labour and the Tories joined at the hip, electing a strong team of SNP MPs will mean that the people of Scotland can vote to get rid of the Tories, stand up to austerity economics, and make the Westminster parties stick to their vow to give real home rule to Scotland.”

Notes: A head & shoulders photo of Richard Arkless is attached.