SNP highlight Labour attempts to deflect attention from cuts budget

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SNP Councillor Jim McClung today (Tuesday) accused Labour Councillors of attempting to deflect attention away from the full implications of their budget, which passed with the support of the Tories and cut ASL services.
Speaking after EEIC Committee, Cllr McClung commented:
“Following last week’s press release by the local Labour Group, once again at this morning’s meeting at the Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee a Labour member, Councillor Ogilvie, attempted to deflect the continuing concern of the some of the contents of the Administration’s budget by bringing up budget proposals the SNP group had made.
“Councillor Ogilvie, along with the rest of the local Labour group would do well to remember that It was the Labour budget that was forced through by them, aided and abetted by Ivor’s Tories, which, slashed the budgets on ASL, including the loss of 25 ASL teachers, and all of this bluff and bluster about them “demanding”  that the SNP justify ourselves on any of our budget proposals, which weren’t approved, is merely a poor attempt by the Labour/Tory administration in this Council to squirm their way out of answering to the public for their shameful cuts.
“Their budget proposals are beginning to unravel before their eyes and this attempt to focus on a proposal, which was not accepted, is the usual Labour Party trick of trying to divert the public’s attention from the extremely ‘bad news story’ of their damaging cuts and will be seen by the public exactly for what it is.”