Referendum date announced

Scotland is financially strong says SNP MSP

Voters in Dumfries and Galloway need to put a special mark in their diaries for 18 September next year – that’s when they’ll be able to decide on Scotland’s future. The Scottish Government has revealed that it has chosen that date – a Thursday – for the referendum on Scottish independence.

Details of the chosen day were announced to the Scottish Parliament last Thursday by First Minister Alex Salmond, who said that the vote would be “designed, built and delivered in Scotland.”

He added: “It will meet the finest international standards of fairness and transparency. And it will ask the very clear question which has been approved by the Electoral Commission – ‘should Scotland be an independent country?’.”


South of Scotland MSP Dr Aileen McLeod said she was delighted at the choice of date and urged constituents to ensure that they were able to vote.

“It may still be 18 months away, but everyone should make arrangements to ensure they have their say on their country’s future, bearing in mind that for the first time, 16 and 17 year olds can have their say.


“It is no exaggeration to say that this is the single most important decision the Scottish people have ever had the opportunity to take.”

Dr McLeod, who spoke in a debate on Scotland’s financial strength which followed the referendum announcement, added:


“I will be campaigning for a Yes vote, as I believe deeply and sincerely that independence is the best way forward for this country. Scotland is a financially strong, productive and prosperous country with huge potential.

“But only by being independent will Scotland be transformed into the fairer, greener, more prosperous, more equal and more tolerant society we all want to see.

“On 18 September next year, we have the opportunity to grant the Scottish Government the powers it needs to deliver for the people of Scotland – powers over the economy and social policy which can help make our country more prosperous and successful and start undoing the massive inequalities which have grown up under successive Westminster governments.


“Independence will allow us to build on our strengths and take responsibility for all of our actions. It is the most fantastic opportunity for Scotland and everyone who lives and works here.”



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Dr McLeod’s speech on Scotland’s financial strength can be found here:

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