record high police numbersCommenting on the latest figures from the Scottish Government which show a record number of police on the beat SNP MSP Angela Constance said this was a key part of the SNP’s commitment to making Scotland safer.

Today’s figures show an increase of 1175 police officers since the election in 2007.  The figures also show there are now more than 3000 officers in the Lothian and Borders force for the first time.

Alongside putting more police on the beat the SNP has been working to make Scotland safer, with recorded crime fall in Scotland at its lowest level for nearly 30 years, more people serving longer prison sentences and sentences for knife crime double the length they were under Labour.

Commenting on the figures Livingston MSP Angela Constance said:

“Putting over 1000 additional police officers on the beat to make our streets safer is a key commitment from the SNP and one that is paying real dividends.

“With more police communities feel safer, crime is reduced and police are able to tackle the problems in our society.  The  crackdown on gangs in Glasgow, confiscation of knives and weapons, targeting of drug dealers and action on serious and organised crime is all possible because of the increased number of officers on the beat.

“Under Labour sentences were shorter and police were left without the resources they needed to do their jobs.

“It is a stark contrast that while Labour offered no new police in Scotland the SNP has delivered over 1000 with more to come and is increasing police funding this year despite Labour’s £500 million cut to Scotland’s budget.”

Commenting on the increase in police in Lothian and Borders the Livingston MSP said:

“This news will be welcomed across the Lothian and Borders area, with more police we can build safer communities across the region.   I congratulate the Chief Constable and the force on reaching 3000 officers for the first time and look forward to seeing these new recruits deployed across the area.