Poll puts SNP ahead in marginal seats

The poll not only puts the SNP 5 points ahead of Labour, but shows the party securing an 11-point increase in its vote from 2005 – the biggest increase for any party in any part of the UK.

The poll of selected constituencies, conducted by Politics Home, puts the SNP five points ahead with 30% of the vote.

Today’s result follows the last full Scottish poll (MORI/Holyrood magazine) which gave the SNP a two-point lead amongst all those polled –rising to a six-point lead amongst those “certain to vote”.

SNP MP and Westminster campaign co-ordinator Stewart Hosie said:

“This is the second excellent poll for the SNP in a row, putting the party ahead nationally for a Westminster General Election, and showing that only the SNP can challenge the Labour-Tory agenda of cuts to Scotland’s frontline services.

“With the SNP securing the biggest increase in our share of the vote of any party in any part of the UK since the 2005 election, it is clear it is the SNP’s actions in Government reflect the priorities of the people – investment in public services and measures to support recovery.

“The latest national opinion poll in Scotland showed the SNP vote is the most motivated – with the party’s Westminster lead increasing three-fold amongst those who are certain to go to the polls, giving a projection of 25 SNP MPs. On election day, that motivation to vote for Scotland’s interests will see seats topple to the SNP, and deliver a block of MPs to stand up for Scotland.

“And as UK Cabinet ministers insist there is little difference between Labour and the Tories, it is clear that only a strong block of SNP MPs will have what it takes to protect Scottish interests.

“Scotland does well when the SNP does well. Whoever wields the knife in London, only the SNP have got what it takes to protect and promote Scotland’s interests at Westminster.”