“No information” on post-Brexit farm payments

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New analysis by independent researchers in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre has shown the multitude of threats facing Scottish agriculture in the event of a Tory hard Brexit – with subsidies, freedom of movement and food name protections all raised as dangers facing the sector.
The report stated that the future of farming subsidies to Scottish farmers could be under threat – commenting that “there is currently no information on what will replace the CAP, once the UK leaves the EU.”
Concerns were also raised over the Tory plan to leave the single market, which will damage access to workers from the EU and may result in it being “harder to find people to carry out essential seasonal work.” The plans also bring the potential of tariffs on food exports, threaten environmental regulations and standards, and take away quality guarantees provided in the EU food name protection schemes.
Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Harper said:
“This expert analysis highlights the many concerns facing Scottish agriculture as a result of the Tory plans for a hard Brexit, outside the single market and customs union.
“The loss of CAP payments is something that has concerned farmers and agriculture workers since the vote to Leave the EU – but this report shows definitively that the concerns in the agriculture sector go far beyond the vital issue of CAP payments.
“The Tories have simply provided no answers to the huge number of questions that our farmers are asking. What will the long term subsidy programme look like? Will Scottish farmers continue to receive as much as they currently do through CAP payments? What environmental and quality regulations and standards will farmers have to comply with? Will farms still be able to access workers from the EU? Will tariffs be levied on Scottish produce being exported to the EU and beyond? Will guarantees over food name protections continue?
“It is absolutely vital for Andrea Leadsom and the Tory government to provide concrete assurances to those working in the agricultural sector. Our farmers deserve better than to be thrown under the bus by a Tory government obsessed with their hard Brexit.”