New wildlife crime campaign

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SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Aileen McLeod is today (Monday) highlighting the launch of a new campaign targeting wildlife crime. Nearly 250 wildlife crimes were recorded by Police Scotland between April 2014 and February 2015 including persecuting badgers, poisoning birds of prey and trading in some of the world’s most endangered species


The number of recorded wildlife crimes has increased slightly, up ten on the previous year. The detection rate has also increased over the same period by nearly 15 per cent to a 77 per cent detection rate.


Police Scotland works with partners across the country to tackle wildlife crime and in the new campaign, it calls on the public to be aware and to report suspicions of criminal activity either direct to the police or through the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime in Scotland (PAWS) app.


Aileen commented:


“I am delighted to support this wildlife crime campaign by Police Scotland who are a critical element of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime. In Scotland we have long recognised the value of our wildlife and the importance of protecting it.


“Wildlife crime can happen anywhere in Scotland and we need the help and support of the public to help raise awareness of wildlife crime and to provide the information the Police need to pursue criminals and lead to prosecutions.


“Today sees the launch of this important campaign by Police Scotland which will play a key role in raising awareness about wildlife crime and what people should do if they encounter it. Simply by being aware of wildlife crime and prepared to report suspicious activity, people across Scotland can play a vital part in helping to tackle wildlife crime.


“This campaign will also be supported by the wider PAW Scotland membership who will help spread these messages across Scotland. I’d urge people to have a look at the wildlife crime page on Police Scotland’s website to find out more.”


Notes to Editors:


A photo of Dr McLeod at the launch of the wildlife crime awareness campaign is attached.


More information on the campaign can be found here: