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Local Yes Scotland campaigners have condemned David Mundell – Scotland’s only Tory MP – for distributing a misleading No campaign paper.


An article in the paper entitled ‘Putting Family First – Why we’re Voting No’ describes the couple featured, Keith and Michelle, as ordinary voters – but neglects to mention that Keith is an elected Conservative Councillor for Tweeddale West.


A question-and-answer section in the same paper features a question from former Conservative deputy leader of Scottish Borders Council, Neil Calvert.


The material also wrongly states that Scotland will be stopped from using the pound in the event of a yes vote – despite the fact that the pound is an international tradable currency, and anyone can use it.


It has transpired that as the leaflets have been duplicated for different areas of Scotland, questions asked by “ordinary voters” In the Borders have been re-printed word for word on material sent to other areas of the country and then falsely attributed to local people.


Local Yes South Annandale activist Darren Irving said:


“This is disingenuous of David Mundell and the No campaign to say the least and is a severe insult to people across Scotland who are giving serious consideration as to how they will vote on September the 18th.


“The claim that Scotland will not be able to use the pound is also blatant scare mongering. The pound is Scotland’s currency too and we don’t need permission to use it. It is also highly unlikely that Westminster will want to impose £500million in transaction costs on UK businesses by denying us a formal currency union.


“What this latest episode shows is that the No camp simply cannot compete with the huge grass roots movement on the Yes side. Every night people who have never even been members of a political party before are out on the doorsteps making the positive case for Yes. In stark contrast the No campaign are reduced to roping in Tory councillors to pose as ‘ordinary people’.


“There is no doubt that the momentum in this campaign is with Yes.  The No campaign should stop insulting the intelligence of ordinary votes with misleading information and scaremongering and get on with making whatever they believe to be the positive case for the union – which we are yet to hear.”