MSP highlights Dementia Awareness Week

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Newly elected MSP Emma Harper got back to her nursing roots attending a Dementia Awareness event at the Easterbrook Hall on Friday.
As a nurse educator, Ms Harper is all too aware of the effects of Dementia, and is keen to raise awareness of the disease ahead of Dementia Awareness Week.
The event, organised by Lyndsay Johnston and Linda Shaw who both work at DGRI, was attended by representatives from across the health care sector, including Alzheimer Scotland, the NHSD&G ideas team and University of West of Scotland (UWS).
Ms Harper stated: “There has been so much praise for Lyndsay and Linda for organising this great event, and I commend them for their hard work.
“Lyndsay and Linda gathered experts together to speak about and demonstrate how their work is aimed at educating families of those diagnosed with dementia, and the wider public, about how people are affected by this disease”
She continued: “It was also great to speak with many of my former nursing colleagues and hear about the work being carried out by the various teams.”
Dementia Awareness Week runs from the 30th of May to the 5th of June.  For more information including details of how to get involved visit
Notes to editors:
Picture: Anna Waugh and Jo Oliver from UWS are demonstrating to Ms Harper how sensory impairment can make it difficult to locate and pick up items, even if the items are placed directly in front of the expected visual field.