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South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has outlined the key benefits a Yes vote will bring to her constituents and to people across Scotland, including:


– Job-creating powers and an economic policy tailored to Scotland’s needs


– Protecting the NHS from the impact of Westminster privatisation


– Saving on our share of a £100 billion bill for new nuclear weapons.


– Governments we vote for every time.


– Control of our budget to invest in a childcare transformation


– Control of social security – so we can stop Westminster policies which could put 100,000 children in Scotland into poverty.


– Helping the low-paid by introducing a minimum wage that rises at least in line with the cost of living.


Ms McAlpine also welcomed the increasing number of voters across Dumfries and Galloway moving to Yes in the closing days of the campaign and the great turnout for the First Minister’s visit over the weekend.


She commented:


“The last few weeks of the campaign have seen the momentum undoubtedly with Yes.


“I have met many people out on the doorsteps who have switched their vote from No to Yes because they are tired of the fear- mongering and negativity of the No campaign.


“Meanwhile the positive message of Yes – that the best people to take decisions about Scotland are the people who care most about it, the people who live and work here – is resonating with people in Dumfries and Galloway.


She added:


“The First Minister visited Dumfries last week and received a remarkable response. Hundreds of people turned out on the streets to ask questions and listen to the positive case for Yes.


“The enthusiasm and positivity of people in Dumfries this weekend was infectious and goes to show that hope will always win out over fear!”