Nearly three-quarters of people in Scotland oppose the UK Tory government decision to scrap free Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) immediately.
A poll by YouGov Live found that 73% of people in Scotland opposed the decision to get rid of LFTs instantly. The poll also found that people in Scotland oppose the decision more strongly than in other parts of the UK.

Pollsters also found that 59% of UK-wide Tory voters opposed the move.

Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Harper said:

“It is extremely reckless for the Tory UK government to scrap free LFTs, which are a vital tool in tracking the spread of Covid – which has not gone away yet, as much as we wish it would.

“Once again decisions in Scotland are being dictated by economic decisions made by England. For the Scottish Government to continue to make tests free it will need to find money from elsewhere in the budget.

“This decision will hit families across Scotland hard who want to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the virus. A pack of tests could cost families roughly £20, ironically the Tories have just taken £20 out of the pockets of those on the lowest incomes.

“Once again we are seeing how the Scottish Government has to take decisions with one hand tied behind its back. Only with the full powers of independence can we make decisions that benefit everyone in Scotland.”