Michael Russell meets with Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association

Michael Russell MSP today met with officers and members of the Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association to celebrate their new premises in the Holywood Building, Old Assembly Close.  The DGMA recently relocated from premises on Irish Street which he had opened in 2007.

The main aims of DGMA are:

  • to support people from ethnic, religious and cultural minorities
  • to provide education and training for organisations about minority issues
  • to share information about activities and events across the region
  • to provide services including translation and interpretation
  • to establish a Multicultural Centre as a place to meet and celebrate the special events of our faith and communities

In a meeting with officers and members, there was a discussion on how to better forge relationships with other agencies, how to address issues of aging people in the area who might be isolated, how to attract and manage volunteers, and how to better promote the centre as a resource.  Mr. Russell was also shown a video that was done as part of DGMA’s Youth Project.  The centre hosts English language classes, has an IT suite, and features a large meeting space for events and activities.