McLeod reveals full rail fares reductions

SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod today (Monday) revealed the full extent of the permanent rail fares reductions between Stranraer & Glasgow. In addition to the previously announced reduction of 49% in an anytime return, an off-peak return will be reduced from £44.00 to £21.00 – a reduction of 52%.


A seven day season ticket between Stranraer and Glasgow will be reduced by 35% from £140.70 to £92.00 and anytime and off peak returns between Stranraer and Ayr will be reduced by 23% and 22% respectively.


Dr McLeod received the full breakdown of reductions (attached) in answer to an enquiry to the Transport Minister, Keith Brown. The reductions will come into effect on 19th May.


Commenting on the full figures, Dr McLeod said:


“The full list of fares reductions makes great reading for anyone who uses the Stranraer line regularly and these are permanent reductions resulting from the changes the Scottish Government has made to the fares pricing structure.


“I am convinced that these new fares will significantly boost passenger numbers and thereby boost the viability of the line. They also demonstrate the Scottish Government’s commitment to the line and to encouraging more passengers to use it.


“Of course we still face the challenge of attracting two-way traffic by marketing Stranraer as a holiday or day-trip destination for people from the central belt. But I believe that with everything that Stranraer and the Rhins has to offer visitors, that is a challenge we can rise to and overcome.


“This is an excellent, comprehensive package of reductions which will help to make train travel to and from Stranraer far more affordable than it has been for years.”




Notes to Editors: the letter Dr McLeod received from Keith Brown, giving full details of all of the fares reductions, is attached as a pdf.


pdf icon13.04.24 Stranraer rail fares.pdf
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