McAlpine: “Young’s must compensate all Pinneys workers fairly”

MSP Joan McAlpine has written to Young’s bosses demanding that all Pinneys workers are compensated fairly after it was announced last week that the site would close leaving over 450 people unemployed.

The SNP MSP warned Young’s boss Bill Showalter against any attempt to restrict redundancy payments for casual or agency workers.

In a letter to the Chief Executive Ms McAlpine said that all of the dedicated and highly skilled workforce should be compensated properly – and that casual and agency workers should be paid based on their total time spent working on the site rather than just as direct employees of Pinneys.

Commenting Ms McAlpine said:

“When I spoke to Young’s Human Resources Director Dominic Kerrigan last month, he assured me that all workers, including former agency workers, would be treated fairly. To my mind that means that a worker’s time on site, including their time as an agency worker, should be taken into account when calculating redundancy payments. However constituents have since raised concerns with me about this and I am seeking assurances in the letter sent today that Mr Kerrigan will stand by his earlier commitment.

“I am also concerned by reports that some long standing Pinneys workers who moved to contracts with privately run firms at Pinneys last year will receive no redundancy –which is completely unacceptable.

The SNP MSP also branded the 45 day consultation a ‘sham’, adding:

“45 days is too short a consultation period for a plant of this size – the time was reduced to 45 days by recent anti-trade union legislation from the UK Government. The consultation is also a sham. It has become clear that Young’s have been building up their Grimsby HQ for years, had been planning close Pinneys to prepare their balance sheet for a corporate sale and even had new premises lined up in Lincolnshire.  Young’s planned to close Piinneys all along.

“It is such a slap in the face. I have been in constant touch with ministers and know that attempts to find a new operator continue. But the blame here lies with Youngs and the all powerful retailers who move contracts around without a thought for workers affected.”