McAlpine urges constituents facing eviction by Buccleuch to seek expert advice

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MSP Joan McAlpine is urging constituents facing eviction by Scotland’s biggest private landowner to seek expert advice on their tenant rights.


The call comes after the SNP MSP was approached by constituents in Eskdale concerned that Buccleuch Estates intended to sell the property they were renting.


Ms McAlpine approached Buccleuch, whose Chief executive  confirmed that some properties are being sold, with tenants being offered first refusal to purchase.


Those who are not in a position to buy, or who do not want to, should contact an independent expert who can discuss options with them.


Ms McAlpine said Dumfries and Galloway Citizen Advice Service (DAGCAS) were best placed to advise on rights as different tenancy agreement documents offer different levels of protection.


Commenting, Ms McAlpine said:


“I was approached by constituents who were advised that Buccleuch Estates planned to put their house up for sale. In some cases the tenants were elderly and had occupied their homes for many years. A move to social housing in the town would be deeply disruptive and upsetting if they are not in a position to buy. 


“I understand that the Estate is within its rights to do this, and are offering tenants first refusal to purchase the properties.  But different tenancy agreements offer different levels of protection so anyone affected ought to contact and independent housing adviser.


“It can be a very worrying thing to think that you might be left without a home, and anyone with any concerns should contact DAGCAS in the first instance, who will be able to outline any options.”


DAGCAS can be contacted in various ways:


Call on 0300 303 4321


Email the team at including a telephone or mobile number where possible


Or write:


Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service

81-85 Irish Street




Letter from Buccleuch Estate manager John Glen attached