McAlpine joins local SNP campaigners for day of action against RBS closures

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MSP Joan McAlpine will join local SNP campaigners as they step up the fight against RBS closures in Lockerbie, Annan, Langholm and Gretna with a day of action on Saturday.


And the MSP is urging anyone who feels strongly about the closures to come and sign the petition to put a stop to them.


Ms McAlpine has been a vocal opponent of the closures – raising the issue in parliament and putting pressure on RBS bosses.


Sustained pressure from SNP MPs and MSPs led to RBS offering a reprieve to the closure threatened Gretna branch, and 9 more across the country – promising to keep them open until at least the end of the year.


But Ms McAlpine said that all branches across the region should be kept open – and not just granted a temporary reprieve. 


The MSP hopes that by collecting signatures from towns in the region with threatened closures for a petition urging RBS bosses to abandon their plans that RBS will recognise the strength of feeling on the issue.


Commenting, the SNP MSP said:


“I have been very clear that I see the decision by RBS to close local branches as not only deeply disappointing, but a betrayal to loyal customers and communities.


“When I had talks with RBS bosses they made it clear that the decision to close branches would not be reversed – but have subsequently granted a reprieve to 10 branches across the country.


“It is clear that they are feeling the pressure.”


The MSP has consistently pointed to the fact that RBS has been bailed out by the taxpayer – but has closed about 1,500 branches across the UK in just the last three years.


Ms McAlpine believes that the UK Government is in a position to intervene and save these branches, given that it is taxpayer owned.


Ms McAlpine said:


“I think that the signatures we collect on Saturday will demonstrate also to the Secretary of State for Scotland just how strongly people in his own constituency feel about these closures.


“It’s time he joined the voices calling for a reversal of this decision.


“I would urge anyone who is against these closures to drop by our stalls on Saturday and add their name to the petition.”


Local SNP campaigners will be out with Joan this Saturday (10th March) between 10am and 12noon in Annan High Street, Langholm High Street and Lockerbie High Street.