McAlpine calls for assurances over Scotland’s future relationship with EU on ‘Europe Day’

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MSP Joan McAlpine has said that politicians from across party divides should mark Europe Day by refocussing efforts on securing the future of Scotland’s relationship with the EU.

Europe Day – which falls on May 9th – is the ‘National Day’ of the EU, and will be marked this year with a celebration in George Square in Glasgow.

Ms McAlpine – who also convenes the Scottish Parliament’s Europe committee – commented:

“Unfortunately – despite every local authority area in Scotland voting to remain – we could be out of the European Union in a matter of months.

“Still, every week brings more evidence of unfolding disaster and confusion. The Prime Minister’s refusal to countenance continued membership of the Customs Union is a result of the internal tensions within the Tory Party, and has nothing to do with the best interests of Scotland, or indeed, any part of the UK.

“Membership of the European Union has undoubtedly delivered many social, economic and cultural benefits for individuals, business and communities across Scotland.

“The SNP’s priority now is to protect Scotland’s interests.  We are considering all possible options to ensure Scotland’s continuing relationship with Europe – At the heart of the proposals is a framework to keep Scotland’s place in the European Single Market.

“But the Tories seem set on making this process as arduous as possible by using Brexit to attempt a power grab on the Scottish Parliament. Last week, David Mundell point-blank refused to confirm that the UK government will respect the will of the Scottish Parliament with regards to devolved powers.

“It is time the Tories stopped playing games, and focussed their minds on what kind of legacy they want to leave behind when we look back at this process in 12 months time, and on future ‘Europe Days’.