Jack puts farming at risk with Brexit demands

MSP Joan McAlpine has hit-out at Dumfries and Galloway MP Alister Jack after he signed a leaked letter to the Prime Minister demanding the hardest of Brexits.


Jack was among 62 hard tight Tory back benchers who wrote to Mrs May pushing for ‘full regulatory autonomy’ with any implementation period based on World Trade Organisation principles – meaning EU-UK barriers would go up.


The letter was signed by three Scottish Tory MPs – Alister Jack MP, Colin Clark MP and Stephen Kerr MP – and publicly backed by Ross Thomson MP.


Ms McAlpine said Mr Jack was brazenly putting farmers in the region at huge risk.


Commenting, she said:


“It is extra-ordinary that Alister Jack MP would sign a letter calling for the hardest of Brexits when agriculture is so important to the economy in Dumfries and Galloway.


“The UK government’s own Brexit analysis papers that were leaked two weeks ago warned that agriculture faced up to 17% extra costs – with a hard Brexit this will be significantly worse.


“Rather than standing up for Scotland, nearly a third of Scottish Tory MPs are now openly advocating an extreme hard-Brexit that will have catastrophic consequences on jobs, the economy and the living standards of millions of people.

“It is ironic that on the day same day David Davis promised the EU that the Tories do not want a race to the bottom in terms of standards, Jack and these Brexit extremists are calling for just that.


“With such divisions in her party, it gets clearer day by day that the Prime Minister is not going to be able to deliver a Brexit deal that protects jobs and the economy locally and across Scotland.”

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