Independence Campaigners donate to local food bank

Independence campaigners in Dumfries have donated a transit van full of provisions to the local food bank. MSPs Joan McAlpine and Emma Harper officially handed the vital supplies to Mark Frankland of First Base Foodbank on Monday. The donations covered everything from pasta to tinned meat and essential toiletries. There were 12 very large shopping bags and six large boxes which only just fitted in to Mr Frankland’s van.


Handing over the donations, Joan McAlpine said:


“The marchers didn’t just bring a lot of colour, friendliness and help for local businesses when they visited Dumfries.  They also brought help for the most vulnerable in our communities. The independence movement is very much focussed on making Scotland a fairer place and this shows that they put their words into action.”


Mark Frankland of First Base Foodbank said:


“We are really grateful to all the Yes campaigners who took the trouble to donate food to us. Some of them provided a week’s worth of shopping for a family. Our food bank delivers right across Dumfries and Galloway and depends on local donations – so this generous act by independence campaigners from across Scotland as well as Dumfries and Galloway is  great boost to people facing food poverty.”


MSP Emma Harper added:


“I was really pleased to receive donations directly from some people. The generous attitude and unselfish giving of food supplies and other products, like nappies and personal hygiene products, for persons in great need was very welcome and I thank all who donated.”