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The first local SNP branch meetings since the referendum on Scottish Independence were held across Dumfriesshire this week  – attracting hundreds of new party members.

Around 150 members gathered in the Aberdour hotel for the Dumfries East SNP branch meeting on Monday night and a further 70 attended a meeting in Annan Community Centre the following evening to discuss the way forward after the referendum.

Members in Dumfries also held a collection for the local food bank run by the First Base charity.

The SNP this week welcomed the news that total membership has reached and surpassed 75,000 – with over 39,000 new members in just one week since the referendum.

The SNP membership now outstrips the UK wide Lib Dem membership in the 39,000 + new members alone and is greater than all the other parties’ membership totals in Scotland combined.

Secretary of the Dumfries east branch Emma Harper commented:

“The turnout at our meeting on Monday night exceeded everyone’s expectations – by the time we started there was standing room only!

“Our membership more than doubled in one week after the referendum and continues to grow every day.

“The amazing new democratic movement which grew around the Yes campaign clearly will not go away and people are joining the SNP in such huge numbers because they trust the party to stand up for Scotland’s interests.

“We will now hold the Westminster establishment to account on their vow of substantial new powers for Scotland.  This new movement in Scotland won’t accept the same old politics as usual from Westminster.”

“The No parties must now deliver the real powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country for everyone who lives here.  Failure to do so would be completely unacceptable.”