Home Office urged to end aspiring midwife’s lengthy wait for visa

Senior SNP MSPs have urged the Home Office to end an aspiring mid wife’s lengthy wait for a visa so that she can take up a place at University.


Twenty Year old Dami Samuel who has lived in Dumfries with her family for two years and has had her right to study revoked by the Home Office – met with Scottish Health Secretary Shona Robison today (Thursday).


Ms Samuel visited the Scottish Parliament with south Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine where the pair met with the Health Secretary this afternoon.


It was a busy week for the aspiring midwife – who arrived at Holyrood after picking up an award at the Scottish Refugee Media Awards in Glasgow for the documentary ‘Breadline Kids’ which she appeared in alongside her family.


Dami – who has lived in the UK all her adult life and was born in Nigeria – secured a place to study midwifery two years ago before the Home Office refused her family’s visa application.


Commenting after her meeting with Dami Ms Robison said:


“Dami is clearly a compassionate young woman and I was saddened to hear about what she and her family are going through. The fact the Home Office is denying her right to study midwifery at university is an injustice for Dami, her family and our NHS.


“We benefit enormously from the contribution made by staff from other countries and we want to expand our international recruitment efforts. The Home Office must stop dragging its feet and grant the family the right to live and work where they have lived for over eight years.”


Ms McAlpine added:


“I am pleased that the Health Secretary took the time to meet Dami today and hear her story. Ms Robison knows the difficulties the UK’s vindictive immigration causes for recruitment to the Scottish NHS.


“Dami and her family are only too aware of the fact that immigration law is reserved to Westminster – but they still want to shine a spotlight on their treatment at the hands of the Home Office – and the treatment of others. That is why she has come to the Scottish Parliament – and it is why the family agreed to appear in BBC Scotland’s award winning documentary which was broadcast in February.


“Dami is an extremely bright and talented young woman – and as Ms Robison told her this afternoon – she would be an asset to our NHS.


“I am looking into doing whatever we can for the family and to support Dami. The sad fact is that the Home Office holds the power – but we will keep up the pressure.”