Harper promotes Scottish Gas Networks’ safety campaign

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SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Emma Harper is adding her backing to Scottish Gas Networks’ (SGN) safety campaign for vulnerable customers. The campaign centres round the provision of locking cooker valves, which is a device that connects to the gas cooker pipework in the kitchen. It can be turned off by carers and family members to stop the cooker from being used unsupervised. The key in the valve is removed and the key holder (carer/relative) needs to switch it on for the cooker to be used.

It’s a free service that SGN is offering to vulnerable customers throughout their network area. The vulnerable customer is able to continue using their gas cooker safely in their own home, enabling them to retain their independence. In some cases, the device enables them to remain living in their own home when otherwise they would need to move to a residential care home. The device also provides reassurance for family, friends, neighbours and carers.
Emma said:
“We know that many more people are living for longer with dementia, or dementia related diagnosis, in their own homes and that the provision of devices such as the lockable cooker valve can make a real difference to the safety of vulnerable people.
“Gas appliances can be dangerous, but it is easy to understand how anyone with dementia might want to carry on cooking for themselves as much as they can. Providing this device ensures that someone can use their cooker while supervised but significantly reduces the risk of them forgetting that it has been turned on, for example, which could lead to a serious fire hazard.
“This device allows persons with dementia to maintain a level of independence in their own home, which is vitally important for overall health and wellbeing, but reduces risk to them at the same time.
“I’m delighted that SGN is making this device available free of charge and I would urge anyone who cares for a relative with dementia, or who is otherwise vulnerable and has mains gas, to consider having one fitted, both to improve safety and also for their own peace of mind.”
Notes: further information on SGN’s campaign can be found here: