Greystone Rovers gets windfall from Climate Challenge Fund

South Scotland MSP, Joan McAlpine has congratulated a Dumfries sports charity on securing a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

The Greystone Rovers Foundation has received £139,453 in the latest round of awards, aimed at helping community-led organisations tackle climate change by running projects that reduce local carbon emissions.
The charity, which is based at the David Keswick Athletic Centre in the town, plans to run projects which use sports and athletics to teach best practice, change behaviour and help reduce waste. They hope that 20 tonnes of CO2 will be reduced each year by increasing car-pooling, walking and cycling and other forms of shared transport. A further 8 tonnes of CO2 will be saved through plastic recycling schemes.
The funding will also enable the group to set up a bulk washing and natural air-drying scheme for playing and training kits, reducing emissions in over 100 households.
Ms McAlpine has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament congratulating Greystone Rovers.
Commenting, Ms McAlpine says,
“I’m delighted that Greystone Rovers has secured this grant, with young people across the town and beyond set to benefit from the funding. This news means not only an increase in sporting activities available to kids in their leisure time but will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions at the same time.
“Recycling is a big part of reducing carbon emissions and this funding will also enable Greystone Rovers to establish a sports clothing and equipment exchange which will reduce clothing and footwear going to landfill by 142.12kg per year. It will also have the advantage of saving parents money and could mean the difference between taking part or missing out for some kids.
“The news that grant will support a full time Project Coordinator and two part time project workers is also very welcome. The south of Scotland has missed out on this funding in the past so it’s great to hear that Greystone Rovers have been the first project to succeed with their application.” 

Image of Joan McAlpine MSP with Graeme Muir, Manager and Alisa Templeton, Project Worker, Greystone Rovers

The Scottish Government’s created the Climate Challenge Fund in 2008 to encourage communities across Scotland to take action on climate change and so help our transition to more sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles. 

The fund has supported projects involving energy efficiency improvements to community owned buildings, home energy efficiency advice, lower carbon travel options, community growing initiatives and schemes to tackle waste. 
The Climate Challenge Fund is managed by Keep Scotland Beautiful on behalf of the Scottish Government.
Greystone Rovers Motion
That the Scottish Parliament congratulates Greystone Rovers AFC in their success in securing an award of £139,453 in the latest round of Climate Challenge Fund grants which distributed £3.3m to projects across Scotland; notes that the funding will be used for sports and athletic projects for young people in Dumfries and Galloway; believes that this will benefit the health and wellbeing of young people across the region as well as reducing CO2 emissions; notes that Climate Challenge Fund grants are funded by the Scottish Government and are distributed by Keep Scotland Beautiful; notes that this is the first grant from the fund to be awarded to a project in the south of Scotland.