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Grandparents from across the region have come together to outline their reasons for voting Yes in next week’s referendum; and to counter the scare stories that Better Together have been pushing on the doorsteps.

In a letter sent to the media, local grandparents reject the negative comments from Better Together, particularly in relation to state pensions.

Signatory to the letter Cllr Alastair Witts said:

“I have heard stories that campaigners for the Union have been telling older people that their pensions are under threat if Scotland votes to leave the UK.  That is quite simply incorrect.  Even UK Pensions Minister Steve Webb told the Scottish Affairs Committee in May that older people would be entitled to current levels of state pension in an independent Scotland.

“In fact, because  people in Scotland pay more tax per head than those in the rest of the UK, and have done for the past 33 years, Scotland will be better able to afford pensions that the UK at present.”

He added:

“However, as we outlined in the letter, it is not for our own benefit that we are voting yes, it is for our grandchildren and generations to come.

“We need to control our own resources and make our own decisions.  Decisions that suit us instead of being tailored to London and the south east.  Only then can we properly invest in the future of our young people; through creation of more and better jobs here in Scotland, and protecting our NHS and public services.”

Notes to Editors:

Photograph of Councillor Alastair Witts, his grandchildren and their friends.

Please find attached letter sent to local press.

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