Fw: Statement from Joan McAlpine on the relocation of Eastriggs Post Office

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Joan McAlpine has reacted with dismay to news that Eastriggs Post Office is to relocate to the Spar; she said:
“This announcement is devastating news to businesses, local pensioners and the wider Eastriggs community who are overwhelmingly opposed to the plans.
“To announce this within a few weeks of the consultation period ending is very disappointing but sadly not surprising.  I suspected that this consultation was a sham and those suspicions were confirmed when I received a letter from Tory Baroness Neville-Rolfe, which strongly implied a decision had already been made while the consultation was still taking place.
“UK Government Ministers should hang their heads in shame for the way this has been handled.  While claiming to support local communities they have singularly failed to listen to the overwhelming  arguments for retaining the current post office, and despite extensive communications with and representations from me, they have failed to advise me, as south of Scotland MSP, of the decision to close this vital community resource.
“I am deeply disappointed in this decision, but despite the outcome the Eastriggs community should be congratulated for their campaign to oppose this plan and to stand up for the best interests of vulnerable people within their community.”