Full review of waste collection – lessons must be learned says Cllr Iain Dick

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SNP Councillor Iain Dick today (Monday) will call for a root and branch review of the decisions and processes in the implementation of the Zero Waste pilot waste collection scheme in Wigtownshire, which has encountered operational problems and a substantial overspend.
A report into the implementation of the Wigtownshire pilot will be discussed at a special meeting of the Council’s Economy, Environment & Infrastructure Committee.
Cllr Dick commented:
“We know that there have been serious issues with the Zero Waste pilot in Wigtownshire and I have been asking questions about the way this has been done for months now. We know there is a £400,000 overspend already – and the rollout of Zero Waste hasn’t got any further than Wigtownshire yet.
“We know that the review already undertaken by Kiel, which was rushed out late on before the last Committee meeting, has highlighted some serious problems with the Wigtownshire pilot.
“What we don’t know yet is how we have ended up in the situation, what decisions led to the problems we now have and what external advice was sought and received. If we are to actually learn lessons from this exercise we need all the information.
“That’s why today I’m calling for a full review of the whole process, including input from our external auditors and I hope that call will receive unanimous support.”