Ferguson comments on Trade Union Bill motion

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SNP Council Group Leader Cllr Andy Ferguson today (Tuesday) welcomed the overwhelming support for an emergency notice of motion which will commit Dumfries & Galloway Council to supporting the stance already taken by SNP MPs at Westminster in opposition to the UK Conservative Government’s Trade Union Bill. The motion was opposed by both Tory groups on the Council, led by Cllr. Finlay Carson.
Commenting after the vote, Cllr Ferguson said:
“The SNP is committed to opposing this vindictive piece of proposed legislation, which aims to totally undermine all of the very positive involvement of joint trade unions and employers.
“For Cllr. Carson to argue that the imposition of a percentage threshold on ballots for strike action is reasonable is, I believe, rank hypocrisy.”
Cllr. Ferguson continued:
“I would challenge Finlay Carson that, in the remote possibility that he is successful in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, but fails to achieve 50% of the vote, he decline to take his seat at Holyrood. After all, what’s good for hard-working trade union members ought to be good enough for him.”