South Scotland MSP, Joan McAlpine has branded local MP David Mundell’s support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal “unforgiveable” – claiming it puts jobs, businesses and livelihoods at risk across Dumfries & Galloway.


On Tuesday night in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister was left humiliated after suffering the largest defeat for any government in modern history, as MPs rejected the EU withdrawal bill by 230 votes.


Tory MP Mundell, who is elected to represent Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, chose to back the bill despite the 53% percent of Dumfries & Galloway who voted to Remain.


With Theresa May’s proposed deal in tatters, the SNP MSP has now challenged David Mundell to get behind proposals for a second referendum – allowing his constituents to have their say on the plans.


Commenting, Joan McAlpine said:


“It is totally unforgiveable that David Mundell has backed a Brexit deal that will destroy local industry, drive down living standards and damage our vital public sector services here in Dumfries & Galloway,

especially as he knows that the region will be hit particularly hard by the backstop in the agreement which gives Northern Ireland an economic advantage over Scotland.


“With almost two thirds of Scots voting to remain part of the European Union, I’m sure the people of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale can’t wait to have their say on David Mundell and the Tory party’s calamitous Brexit shambles at the next election.


“With Theresa May and her Tory Government incapable of governing, and Jeremy Corbyn unable to oppose chaotic Brexit plans, the SNP will continue to stand up for Scotland both at Westminster and Holyrood.


“David Mundell has a duty to his constituents to face up to reality and get behind proposals for a second referendum before it’s too late.”