COVID-19 D&G Council suspend Non-Residential Community Care Charges

As the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic continues to unfold, Dumfries and Galloway Council have warned that there will be situations where non-personal care will not be delivered, and that care capacity must be prioritised on a needs basis to ensure the most vulnerable are protected.

It is expected that staff capacity will reduce, and decisions will have to be made on whether elements of non-personal care continue to be delivered. Families and friends of people receiving Care at Home Services will be asked to provide as much care and support as they can safely do. This will allow social care staff to concentrate on responding to situations where there is no other alternative. Where families and friends cannot assist, arrangements will have to be made for the delivery of required groceries, medicines, and hot meals. This will be undertaken by a range of partners and volunteers.

The report warned it is inevitable that some care services will stop such as day care, day services, and care at home, but there is a need to ensure the financial viability of the organisations that provide these services, pay for these services and continue to keep that capacity for when we return to current levels of service, post COVID-19.

SNP Councillor, and Chair of D&G Council’s Social Work Services committee, said:

“The amount of pressure on Social Work staff and the partners delivering care at home and day care services is unprecedented. The challenge in supporting vulnerable people at home grows, while staff capacity will inevitably reduce. We have to prioritise so that those who need the most support have their needs met, but also balance this against staff and carers who need to self-isolate or observe social-distancing when necessary in the interests of Public Health.”

“Personal care in Scotland is, and remains, non-chargeable. The Council will now ensure the cost is met for non-personal care for the coming 3-month period. Current costs are around £33k per week, or £425k over the 3-month period, which is what it will take to help protect the staff and providers who carry out the care services.”

Link to Council report on Cessation of Non-Residential Community Care Charges

If you have concerns about a member of your family or community, please contact the Social Work Access Team on: 030 33333 001