Call for tri-partite Administration renewed

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Council Leader Ivor Hyslop and Depute Leader Brian Collins today (Wednesday) renewed their calls for a tri-partite Administration comprising Labour, SNP and Conservative Councillors to form a stable majority Administration following the decision to postpone a vote on the future of the Council’s Administration.

Council Leader Ivor Hyslop said:


“This Administration is delivering on the promises we made to the people of Dumfries & Galloway and we have offered to form a new Administration with our Labour colleagues on the basis of three parties forming a stable Administration benefitting from the experience and abilities all groups bring to the table.


“We would hope that other groups will face up to their responsibilities to the region and get back round the negotiating table.”


Depute Leader Brian Collins added:


“No alternative proposals were put forward today. In all of the Labour Party’s fury and invective not once did they address why they turned down our offer of a tri-partite Administration. How often have we been asked by our constituents,  ‘why can’t you all just work together’? Our proposal would have shown the public that when it really matters we are prepared to do just that.


“The events of the past 10 days have damaged the reputation of this Council and our proposal would have gone a long way towards restoring a degree of public trust and respect.


“Dumfries & Galloway has a unique opportunity for SNP, Labour and Conservatives to work together for the greater good of the region. That proposal was dismissed before it had even been explored, and it is for those who made that decision to justify their position to the people of this region.


“It is time for the political games to stop and for people to start facing up to their responsibilities.”