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Joan McAlpine MSP joined anti- war protestors at the Burns statue in Dumfries on Friday moments after MP’s at Westminster voted to bomb Iraq.


Ms McAlpine SNP member for the south of Scotland joined Green party members, trade unionists and others from Dumfries and Galloway who believe the decision will escalate things in the Middle East.


All SNP MSPs at Westminster voted no to the bombing, along with a number of Labour and Conservative rebels.


Ms McAlpine said:


“IS is a truly barbaric organisation as are the atrocities we have seen but we should not forget that they have grown out of chaos triggered by the UK and US invasion of Iraq in 2003.


“We have learned from experience that western involvement in the Middle East just produces more resentment and helps organisations like IS recruit angry young people.


“There is also an incredible double standard here. IS was supported initially by fanatics in Saudi Arabia, a totally autocratic country where beheadings are carried out frequently by the state itself. Instead of condemning this, the UK government sold arms to Saudi Arabia.


“We are told by David Cameron that this war could go on for years, like the last invasion of Iraq, there is no exit strategy, and senior military figures have said troops on the ground will be necessary in the longer term.


“The war will also cost £3bn at a time when families in Scotland and across the UK are struggling to make ends meet. The MPs who voted for this should be ashamed.”




Saturday’s protest was organised by Radical Independence Campaign (RIC)


Former MSP for the Scottish Greens Chris Ballance attended and can be contacted on:


John Dennis, of RIC and Dumfries Trades Council was also in attendance and can be contacted on: 07890444650