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This week’s admission by the UK government that there would be no border checkpoints between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK serves as further embarrassment to the No campaign and is the latest in a long line of backfiring scare stories.

Comments from Danny Alexander yesterday debunk various threats – including one from Home Secretary Theresa May in March – from Westminster that there would be border checkpoints between an independent Scotland and its border with England.

Giving a speech to the Road Haulage Association on Thursday of this week, Danny Alexander said:

“Now, you probably wouldn’t have to drive through international check points every time you entered an independent Scotland…”

This follows on from a number of other backfiring scare stories including; currency, pensions, AAA ratings, not being able to watch Doctor Who, mobile phone charges and attacks from outer space.

South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine said:

“This has been another really bad week for self-styled ‘Project Fear’ and their mission to frighten the people of Scotland out of voting Yes.

“Confirmation from a UK Government Minister that there will be no border checkpoints between Scotland and England totally contradicts anti-independence scaremongering on this issue. 

“Back in January Alistair Carmichael told us that border controls were possible. We knew then that he was talking nonsense, and now we have it confirmed by one of his own cabinet colleagues.

“There are no border controls between England, the UK and independent Ireland because that’s in the best interest of their economies and the societies of both the UK and Ireland.

“There is no doubt that following a Yes vote in September people will be able to move freely and easily between Scotland and England. People will continue to live in Dumfriesshire and commute across the border for work or to visit family and friends without any disruption – and vice versa.”