900 households across D&G threatened by housing benefit cut says McLeod

SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod has condemned figures showing that 900 households across Dumfries & Galloway would be hit if Westminster proceeds with plans to cut housing benefit for people under 25. 


The analysis follows the announcement by George Osborne that, on the Treasury’s current forecasts, £12 billion of further welfare cuts are needed in the first two years of the next Parliament.


Dr McLeod commented:


“This latest analysis shows that 900 households where people under 25 are claiming housing benefit stand to lose out if George Osborne has his way after the next Westminster election.


“With a Yes vote an SNP Government in an independent Scotland will end these unfair policies, scrap the bedroom tax and create a fairer welfare system that protects the most vulnerable people in Scotland.


“In contrast this callous attack by UK Chancellor George Osborne will impact on 900 Scottish households across Dumfries & Galloway and highlights the unfairness of the Westminster system, which is totally out of step with the needs of the people of Scotland.


“With such a high proportion of those under 25 receiving housing benefit being single parents the Tories must ditch this plan at once – otherwise families will be in severe danger of being unable to pay their rent.


“George Osborne’s plans will remove over £140m from the Scottish economy. This knock on effect – over and above punishing the most needy on the streets – will be detrimental to Scotland both socially and economically.


“The SNP has already strengthened protection for tenants in Scotland against eviction for rent arrears due to Westminster’s bedroom tax and homeless figures in Scotland are falling.


“This September Scotland has the opportunity with a Yes vote to rid itself of this unfair Westminster system that targets the vulnerable and create the fairer, wealthier country we all want to live in.”


Notes to editors:


The figures for numbers of under-25s claiming Housing Benefit in Dumfries & Galloway are attached.

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