£500 Care worker bonus – Tell the Tories to keep it Tax-free

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The payment was announced this week at the SNP conference by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that all NHS staff would receive the bonus as a thank you, with part-time workers being given a proportionate amount.

The bonus was one of several policies announced at the SNP 2020 Conference to support hard-working families, including a promise to extend free school meals to all primary school pupils all year round and a £100m hardship fund to help those most in need during the pandemic. 

Commenting, Ms McAlpine said: 

“NHS staff in Dumfries and Galloway have worked so hard to keep everyone safe during the pandemic and put their lives on the line to treat some of the sickest patients with the disease. 

“I am delighted to see all their work and sacrifice is being rewarded by the Scottish Government with this £500 payment. 

“It is now up to the Tories at Westminster to make sure NHS staff receive payment in full, if not then all their clapping on their doorsteps in the early stages of the pandemic will be worth nothing.”

Annandale Councillor Stephen Thompson, Chair of Social Work Services said,

“This will make a difference, particularly for the Social Care workers in Dumfries and Galloway and across the country. They may not get the headlines, or the same number of claps as colleagues in the NHS, but they are vital to those in need of care, especially in these darker times. I’m glad the First Minister was clear about the importance of our care workers in the announcement as this strengthens the partnership working the SNP has worked towards for all these years.

“While we’re stuck in this democratic deficit at Westminster the SNP must tell the Tories to keep it tax-free.”