34 hospital wards in D&G benefit from flexible visiting

Dr Aileen McLeod today has welcomed the release of figures from the Scottish Government which show that 34 hospital wards across Dumfries & Galloway now benefit from flexible visiting hours allowing relatives to visit patients at times which are more convenient to them.
Aileen commented:
“It is very good news that there are now 34 hospital wards across the region which have flexible visiting hours and there are a variety of benefits which arise out of this policy.
“Being separated from loved ones is always difficult and much more so when accident or illness is the cause, so the easier it is for people to be able to visit their relatives in hospital the better. 
“Given the significant distances people in Dumfries & Galloway often have to travel to visit relatives in hospital, being able to make a visit when it suits their own travel arrangements is also beneficial, particularly for people who rely on public transport.
“This policy also allows relatives to be more involved with their loved ones’ care and understand more about what is happening, which can help when the patient leaves hospital. I am also very encouraged that NHS Dumfries & Galloway staff have themselves commented that it has been helpful for them to be able to spend more time with relatives through the day.

“In my view this trial has been beneficial and I am pleased that health boards will continue to be encouraged to offer as flexible visiting arrangements as possible.”