voteThe SNP today said SNP MPs would champion the concerns of voters of all
ages as the party works to give all Scots a voice in Westminster.

As research shows older voters are considering changing their political
habits at this election and think tank Demos backed SNP calls for 16 and
17 year olds to be given the vote SNP MP for Glasgow East John Mason said:

“In Scotland this election is not about who wins the keys to Downing
Street but who Scotland’s voters of all ages choose to be their local and
national champions.

“Our MPs have a strong track record of speaking up for the people of
Scotland of any age, whether for votes at 16, against University tuition
fees or in opposing Labour’s plans to scrap attendence allowance for our
older citizens.

“What Scotland’s voters need are champions who will listen to their
concerns and represent their interests in Westminster regardless of ag not
patronising spin about the “grey vote” or the “facebook generation”.

“At this election and beyond we should be encouraging voters of all ages
to elect stong SNP local champions for them and their communities. ”


Notes to editors:

1. The SNP in Government has extended the vote to 16 and 17 year olds in
the pilot elections to Health Boards. The SNP in Government has also
proposed extending the vote to 16 and 17 year olds as part of the draft
referendum bill on Scotland’s future.

2. The SNP Government has opposed Labour plans to scrap attendence
allowance in Scotland, including a vote in the Scottish Parliament on 14th